Why choose Lumeno Marketing as your healthcare marketing partner?

A story is told of Pres. John F. Kennedy visiting Cape Canaveral in the early 60s. The country was abuzz about Kennedy’s commitment to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. While touring the Space Center that would eventually carry his name, he approached a janitor and asked him his name and his role. The man answered, “My name is Ray, Mr. President, and I’m helping to put a man on the moon.” I find that many people who work in health care share this same sense of mission, no matter their job. They’re in it to help people improve their health.

A merger of two passions

I started Lumeno Marketing as a merger of two passions: marketing communications and health care. My first experience with health care was working my way through college as a materials management clerk at a local hospital. The hospital’s lead administrator, the late Richard Smith, inspired me—a grunt who had no direct contact with patients—to believe that my job was contributing in a small way to the health of patients. I truly felt like I was making a difference.

I’ve done a lot of different things in my career, but I keep coming back to health care. Whether as a communications consultant for a large integrated health care system or as a manager of marketing and communications for a Fortune 50 health and wellness company, I’ve always felt like I was part of something bigger. It’s intrinsically rewarding for me to work with leading hospitals who are continuously improving their care, with health care IT vendors who are squeezing costs out of the health care system, or with doctors who are on the front lines of the battle to make health care in America work better.

Health care has unique marketing needs

I believe that great marketing helps health care organizations keep doing great work. Hospitals that shine a spotlight on their high quality can continue to invest in patient care. Health care IT vendors that illuminate their cost-saving technology in the eyes of buyers are at less risk of losing relevance in an increasingly crowded market. Physicians who promote their practices to consumers will find that their financial health of their practices will improve.

At Lumeno Marketing, we’re all about health care. And we can help your organization shine brighter.

— Don Seamons, Principal