Demand creation is where health B2B marketing should shine brightest.

When marketing produces highly-qualified leads that eventually become customers, marketing is viewed as a money-maker, not a budget line-item. But demand creation—prospect segmentation, lead nurturing, lead generation—is an in-depth process that must be managed with precision and care.

Lumeno Marketing gives you an edge that other agencies can’t match: we’ve been in your shoes; we know your audience; we’ve been successful at health B2B demand creation. We can help you raise the level of your company’s leads and help your marketing department shine.

Direct response that optimizes your one-to-one interactions

Printed and dimensional mailers – The proven, reliable mailer is still one of the most effective ways to move your audience to action. Lumeno can make your mailers gleam, and, more importantly, get results.

Email – The best emails are the ones that readers look forward to. Lumeno can help you set up a solid permission strategy and develop content that will engage, inform, even entertain your audience.

Event marketing that optimizes your one-to-one interactions

Staged events – There are lots of reasons to stage your own events. Community outreach. PR buzz. Product launches. Internal announcements. Whatever your reason, Lumeno’s strategic and tactical expertise can help your event shine.

Trade shows – Exhibiting at trade shows can be a sound investment or it can be a giant black hole of cash. Great trade show exhibits start with great planning and end with great execution. Use Lumeno’s trade show planning and marketing experience to improve your return on your investment.