Put your case studies, white papers and sell sheets to work.

Sales materials don’t sell. We’ll leave that to the sales reps. But great sales materials—case studies, white papers, sell sheets—do help readers see things in a new light. It helps people see themselves using your product, reaping the benefits, making their work easier.

Lumeno Marketing has the healthcare B2B experience that will help you tell the most compelling story possible, and keep your message alight in the eyes of your prospects.

Content development to help you tell your story

Case Studies – Want a hard-hitting problem/solution/results case study? Or would you prefer a piece with a more narrative flavor? No matter how you want to tell your story, Lumeno can bring it to light.

White Papers – Lumeno creates impactful white papers by working with your subject matter experts to find and express the heart of their message.

Web – Lumeno specializes in getting web readers—with notoriously short attention spans—to take action.

Ad copy – Lumeno’s copywriting, from the concept to the final copy, puts your audience and your objective in the spotlight.

Ghost-writing – Lumeno will write a thought-leading article that gives your executives positive exposure.