Social Media is where healthcare B2B is headed.

Once every 20 or 30 years, technology gives healthcare B2B marketers a new opportunity to reach their audience. TV advertising came of age in the 60s; Internet marketing became viable in the 90s. In the 2010s, social media promises to be the marketing bandwagon, and there’s no reason not to jump on.

Think your market isn’t using social media? Think again. Facebook had 600 million users in January 2011. That’s roughly 10% of the world’s population. Twitter and LinkedIn are attracting more users. Now, the appropriate question is: how do you reach your market on these sites? Lumeno Marketing is a leader in the growing healthcare B2B online presence, and we can guide you as you tap in to this new medium.

Online and social media services that connect you with your audience

Social networking – Online networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter give your audience unprecedented control of their online interactions. Lumeno can help you develop a strategy to reach and communicate with your audience on their terms.

Blogs – A fresh, interesting blog is always an effective way to engage your audience. Lumeno can set up and write your blog, and recommend strategies to leverage your content to the greatest degree.

Web content optimization – Even if you’ve optimized your site for search engines or bought your way into search results, you may be missing a critical step: optimizing your pages for conversion. Capture leads, not just traffic. Lumeno analyzes your content, site architecture and traffic logs, and then recommends a customized strategy that gets results.

Web content outsourcing – Who among us hasn’t set up a website and then ignored it? Content goes stale, and traffic goes south. When you outsource your web content to Lumeno, we’ll keep track of your traffic patterns, keep your content fresh and relevant, and help your website be the destination it truly can be.